Paralegal Studies

Alumni who obtained their associate degree in our justice program perform crucial tasks that help our justice system to run smoothly.

Paralegals perform important legal duties that require basic knowledge of law, the ability to work at a high paced environment, computer proficiency and a strong memory.

Paralegals are employed in private law firms or legal departments at banks with the aim of assisting lawyers.

In the state sector, they are appointed to “Vocational Paralegal” positions under the same title to provide assistance to judges and public prosecutors and also work in courts, court bailiffs offices and notaries as law clerks or court ushers.

Cappadocia VC Associate Degree in Justice Program also aims enable its students to become efficient professionals that can work in every field of the justice system by providing them with basic knowledge of law, fast typing techniques, office management and UYAP application knowledge that will assist them in different career paths.

Foreign students are accepted into this programme.


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