Translation and Interpreting (English)

"Globalization” leads to the increase of cultural sharing and commercial activity between the different languages speaking communities. Translation-Interpreting is a branch of profession bridging among different languages speaking societies and specializing in the fields of practice by providing written and verbal communication among those societies. Translator-interpreters are highly dominated over their native languages and translated languages, and are professionals who have a high level of verbal and academic skills who know the rules of writing and speaking in these languages.

The aim of the Translation and Interpretation Department of Cappadocia University is to educate qualified individuals, who can assess the knowledge of the classical and modern sources written in English language with the information belonging to Turkish language and culture and present them to the benefit of the society; contribute to historical, cultural, scientific, diplomatic and economic areas between Turkey and English-speaking countries. Students who completed this program successfully will be able to translate from English to Turkish and from Turkish to English or work in many countries, especially in European countries.

During the course of education in the Department of Translation and Interpreting at Cappadocia University, it is aimed to give courses related to English language, literature, history and culture as well as the English speaking and comprehension lectures to the students.

Graduates of the Department of Translation and Interpreting have a wide range of working possibilities like ministries in Turkey, international commissions such as the European Commission, international organizations such as the United Nations, international companies, simultaneous and written translation offices, news agencies, private TV channels, newspapers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, tourism sector, banks, universities, import-export sectors, publishing houses, private translation offices, such as a wide range of working possibilities.

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